A seminar was organised at the GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Greater Noida on the topic – Rain Water Harvesting – ‘A Smart Technology’ on Oct 7, 2016 under the aegis of Project Refill, a water conservation initiative of Asian Paints.

Objective of the Seminar on Rain Water Harvesting

The objective of the Seminar was to create a platform for sharing with the faculty and students of the institute, the knowledge & experience of the Rain Water Harvesting done at the institute and to discuss in detail the process of effective rainwater harvesting plan & design with effective water governance methodology.

The Seminar started with the welcome of the Guest of Honor & Speakers with a bouquet followed by the Welcome address by Sh A K Yadav, HOD, Department of Civil Engineering. He highlighted the objective of Seminar & encouraged students to learn as much as they could.

In his address, Dr Rajeev Agrawal, the Director of G L Bajaj thanked Asian paints Ltd. for carrying out the RWH project at the institute. Speaking on the occasion, the Director said, “I am happy to be among you all at the successful completion of the Rainwater Harvesting project. I thank Asian paints for supporting the project and hope that they continue to support such projects that benefit society.”

rain water harvesting seminar

He also explained the purpose of the seminar to all present. The seminar was proposed after the successful completion of the RWH project at institution. The seminar was intended to be a platform to share the knowledge & experience of RWH with all students.  He encouraged students to physically visit the RWH structures made in the premises & understand the functioning and design of the systems.

Thereafter a “Kalash Ceremony” was performed. A large empty kalash (pot) was kept in middle symbolizing the barren earth, our water needs & available resources. Few small kalash filled with water & flower petals were kept around the big kalash to symbolize the water conservation efforts of Community, Donors, NGOs, technical experts & government. During the ceremony, representatives of all segments – the Director, Faculties of G L Bajaj, FORCE team, Asian Paints team and students – poured water together into the kalash in the same way as you would give your offering of pure water to your religious deity. The kalash ceremony symbolizes the power of collective human effort made in a spirit of universal love. It says that no one person or sector can solve the world’s basic problems. Only when we all join hands and make synchronized efforts, will we find a way to make the earth clean and abundant again.

rain water harvesting

A presentation was given on the Rainwater harvesting by Sh. Sanjeev Sharma, Director FORCE, giving details of Asian Paints Project Refill work done at G L Bajaj. He shared with audience the actual scenario of water resources availability in urban cities and ways to build water security. He also emphasized on the 5 R’s of water conservation followed by FORCE & their importance.

Asian Paints EHS Manager Sh. Siddharth Bhadoria expressed his gratitude towards the audience present for Seminar & thanked G L Bajaj for their great effort & support during project execution. He explained the importance of water conservation projects carried out in Greater Noida by Asian Paints Ltd. He also shared details of the project carried out to date by Asian Paints Ltd – a total of 149 RWH structures in 63 institutions in the Greater Noida area. He also appreciated the efforts made by FORCE NGO to carry out these projects & awareness activities done during the completion of projects.

Dr D Chakarborty for Central Ground water Board (CGWB) gave a presentation explaining the need for sustainable management of water. He emphasized on understanding the sources, structure, properties & utility of water. He also shared with audience the behavior of ground water behaves in different months. He emphasized that the sources of water are limited, that there will not be any addition to the water sources in future but the demand will increase over time. It is therefore important that we manage the water resources wisely and conserve as much as possible. He elaborated on sustainability of water resources and their governance.rain water harvesting seminar

‘Vote of Thanks’ was given by Sh Anuraj Thombare, Asst Professor (CE), G L Bajaj Institute, mentioning the importance of water conservation. He expressed his deep gratitude towards Asian Paints Ltd. Kasna for carrying out the work at G L Bajaj under Project Refill. He also thanked FORCE for organizing seminar & sharing the importance of water management. Ms Mamta Singh, Program Manager, FORCE thanked GL Bajaj Institute for their support throughout the implementation of the Rain Water Harvesting project at the institute Asian Paints for carrying out excellent work on Water Conservation in the Greater Noida area for the last 3 years. She also encouraged the students present at the occasion to create a water secure future.

Mementos were presented to the Guest Honor & Speakers as the token of respect.

The program ended with all present interacting informally with each other over sweets, snacks and tea.

rain water harvesting

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