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We believe that people in general and students in particular have the power to make a real difference and to change the course of the world. The ecological destruction and environmental concerns around the world are often discouraging and overwhelming for young kids because they do care and want to make a difference and be more responsible. Making a difference seems too big, too expansive for them to feel that they can have a real and lasting impact. REFILL CLUB, a joint initiative of Asian Paints and FORCE, is driven to inspire, educate and empower youth to make daily decisions to support a healthy, sustainable planet by conserving water.

The administrative leadership team of REFILL CLUB has combined expertise in environmental and water conservation education, youth programs and development, business marketing and organizational management.

Environmental clubs can be a means of promoting environmental literacy. Clubs provide an avenue for stakeholders to acquire skills needed to identify, investigate, and experience the resolution of environmental issues and problems.

“The goal of environmental education is to help students and other stakeholders to become environmentally knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated citizens who are willing to work, individually and collectively, toward achieving and maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between the quality of life and the quality of the environment.”

REFILL CLUB is a more focused approach to one of the burning issues of the present and future times – WATER CONSERVATION.


Refill Club Objectives

The objectives of the REFILL CLUB are:

Awareness: Helping stakeholders acquire an awareness and sensitivity to the total water issues and its problems;

Knowledge: Helping stakeholders acquire a basic understanding of various uses of water, how people interact with water sources, and how issues and problems related to water arise and how they can be resolved.

Attitudes: Helping stakeholders acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for water and the motivation and commitment to participate in water conservation and management

Skills: Helping stakeholders acquire the skills needed to identify, investigate, and contribute to the resolution of water related issues and problems.

Participation:  Helping stakeholders acquire experience in using their acquired knowledge and skills in taking thoughtful, positive action toward the resolution of water related issues and problems.

Specific objectives of the Refill Club are:

  1. Keep Water Conservation top of the mind initiative for all stakeholders
  2. Knowledge sharing on Rain Water Harvesting & Water Conservation
  3. Propagate Water Conservation Methods
  4. Get people to adopt Rain Water Harvesting

Mission & Vision

refill club vision

Refill Club Vision

Make Rain Water Harvesting A National Mass Movement

Refill Club Mission

The mission of the REFILL CLUB is:

  • To provide stakeholders with the opportunity to learn more about their surroundings and participate in water projects in the community.
  • To promote awareness among stakeholders about water related issues and give them power to make change.
  • To provide opportunities for stakeholders to become directly involved in a variety of projects relating to water conservation.
  • To promote need for water conservation and empower the stakeholders to take action and work toward building a sound water secure community.
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