Refill Club Mission

Make Rain Water Harvesting A National Movement

What Is Rain Water Harvesting?

Simply put - Rain water harvesting is CATCHING Rain where it FALLS

Why Rain Water Harvesting?


  FRESH water is a SCARCE resource

ALL life DEPENDS on FRESH water

And, MOST Important

because RAIN is the ONLY source of pure FRESH water  

Why RECHARGE Ground Water?

Because, Ground Water is EASIEST to access

Because Ground Water is relatively EVENLY distributed

Because Ground Water Needs LEAST treatment

Because Ground Water is CHEAPEST

Because CONTROL over usage and recharge of Ground Water is POSSIBLE

It is the water in the ground BENEATH OUR FEET

 Ground Water is the ONLY Water that you truly OWN - which NO inter-state rivalry can take AWAY from you....

Rain water harvesting helps CREATE water SECURITY

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Rain Water Harvesting – ‘A Smart Technology’

Rain Water Harvesting – ‘A Smart Technology’

A seminar was organised at the GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Greater Noida on the topic - Rain Water Harvesting - ‘A Smart Technology’ on Oct 7, 2016 under the aegis of Project Refill, a water conservation initiative of Asian Paints. Objective of...

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Why Is Water So so Special?

Why Is Water So so Special?

Hello, there! I am your friend (cum creator cum nurturer) H2O, but you can call me Water. In this series of blogs, I will be telling you all about myself; past, present, and future. So come along and enjoy this journey (nay, voyage) as we explore the far seas of our...

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